Peter Klingenberg


New Orleans 2009

Dearest Peter:

We have know each other for a very long time. We have had many adventures together and seen each other go through many good and bad experiences. We are as anyone would say good friends.

Our friendship will last longer than you. It is clear, I will have to be both sides of our friendship soon.

It will be up to me to follow up on our projects and I will. I continue to be told by the Marin Symphony to wait, it will happen. Waiting is not what I am good at; but, that is the way it is.

You have never been the waiting type. You have been an action man. Jump in and do it. From the reports I have been getting it is getting time for you to jump in and discover what death is about. Is it just the end of life or the beginning of something else? Please tell me, (I am still waiting for my others friends to come back and tell me). 8-]

We have talked about it quite a bit. You wanted to go out fast on your own terms and while it has not been fast, it has been way to fast for me but it was on your own terms. This life is such a gift. When we start it we have a set of family members and a set of tools and along the way we pick up new friends, family and new tools. Your life has been filled with family, friends and your strength in getting new tools.

I am hoping this next adventure you will be on is everything you want it to be. I believe you created the adventure here and you will create the next one as well. Be creative, be positive, be hopeful and in that space I believe you will find peace.

You dying will not end our friendship and my desire to honor our friendship.

I wanted to say goodbye in person but please know it is really not goodbye. It is until the next time, my friend, my dear friend. As you always end our calls, take care.


Barry and Dagmar

This is just a few of the many times with Peter. To the left is a link to Amy’s Journal of Peter’s Dying experience.

Below is my letter to Peter which Amy read to him just before he died.

His spirit will be with all the many people he touched. He will be missed.