Michael Hennessy


Michael's Video Stress And Productivity

Pictures from his scrapbook and his memorial service

Michael's Skeleton Key Audio Tape

Michael's Stress And Productivity Audio Tape

Michael was a friend of mine. We meet about a year and a half before he died. He was a caring friend to him in his dying process. He was an amazing man who lived a full rich short life.

He will be missed by his family, friends and all that knew him.

Michael's Last Paper: Working without a Net

Michael's Last Resume

Some of the last photos taken of Michael

Michael's birthday is 3/24, think of him for his Birthday. Think of a man who lived a full and rich life. Those that knew him still find him in thier dreams.

Colleen Hennessy writes this about Michael:

My brother, Michael, was 15 years older than I am. Perhaps that's why, even as adults, he always seemed larger-than-life to me. I always knew him as a grown-up, self-confident, intelligent, and witty, a man whose presence filled the room and seemed to attract all eyes toward him. While it was not always easy being Michael's younger sister, it was always an adventure. He could be an abrupt, sarcastic smart aleck who demanded his own way in all things. But any hurt feelings always disappeared when he turned on the charm. I remember only vaguely any bad times with him. The memories that fill my mind the most are all the great times we had together, water skiing behind his speedboat, racing through the city in his Corvette convertible, listening with pride as he spoke to a banquet room full of business leaders, and downhill skiing.

Michael lived in the moment. He enjoyed fine food, fine wine, fine entertainment, and, most of all, enjoyed sharing these things with his family and friends. He was at his best when talking, drinking, wisecracking, and expounding on any and all topics under the sun, surrounded by the people he cared for.

Our mother, Joey, adored her first-born son. When he was born in 1944, Joey was 19 years old. Joey always said that she and Michael grew up together. On one last trip before her death, she and I took the train to San Francisco. We met Michael and he took us on a mothers day cruise on the bay. Joey was in her glory, visiting the city that was dear to her heart and the son she loved so well. Michael had the facility to make everyone feel special and important and our Mom always remembered that trip with thegreatest joy.

I hope the philosopher king is at peace now. He played many roles in his life, an athlete, a playboy, a boat captain, a scholar, a ladies man. He was all these things and more to me, but most importantly, he was my big brother and my friend. I will always love him. I will always miss him.

Michael: Here's to your fighting spirit, your creativity and your optimism in life. I don't know what happens to us, if anything, when we die. But I hope you were pleasantly surprised.