Burzynski Clinic Training


Kenne Zugman and Barry Brilliant

experienced the dying process of a GBM Brain tumor.

In May 2005 Kenne had his first surgery. In June we went to the Burzynski Clinic and taped the training below. Kenne had a port installed in his heart in mid June of 2005. I was the care provider for Kenne and followed the program under their direction. By the end of July his tumor was 110% what it was, at the time of his first surgery. In August Kenne had a second surgery to remove the tumor again. He followed the procedure with Chemo and Radiation and he died a year later on September 17th, 2006.

From my experience as his care provider the Burzynski Clinic is a total bunko treatment. Killing for payment to those who are willing to take a chance, to fight and can afford a spin of the chance wheel of health. Burzynski is a fraud, I am sorry to say. If you are seeing this training video Please do not help or support any Burzynski work.

We were all so hopeful. It is hard not to want to try to do something. I only suggest try something else. This treatment advanced his tumor growth and would have killed him in one month instead of the medical suggested 4 months. I am will to share any of my experience. The truth is this treatment does harm not help. I think the heads of the clinic know it and that makes it a fraud.

Fighting for life with a life ending brain tumor.