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My Dear Family and Friends: 

First things first. I have joined the Apple Consultants Network and I am ready to work helping with Apple products.

2007 has passed and I am grateful to have made it through. With the loss of so many close loved ones, and no money coming in, things did not always look so good. Many of you shared a similar year. 

Some nice things happened as well, and I want to share them with you. 

Last news first, in September when I was up in Portland for Eileen and Harry Zugman's farewell memorial my friend Wally (I was to meet him there) had a seizure, and while we thought he might die, and the way people in my life were going, well, it was very close, but Wally Marsh made it past and is alive today and I am so happy. We have had a 36 year relationship which has been mostly very close. Wally at 70 has moved his medical practice from eye surgery to medical marijuana consulting. I am helping him with his websites, marketing and just being the friend I am. 

All year long, I have tried to be grateful for my mother.  I feel happy, I am able to love her, and know I am not in control of her situation, and really neither is she. Control, no control. I think for me the way is float down the stream and do some paddling. I am very happy to still have her with us. 

2007 went so fast, yet for me seemed like moving through a thick soup. Much more effort to get less results, a paradox for sure. I know it is all going as it should, if there is that old paradox. 

My year started with a new relationship with Dagmar Hoheneck. As the year passed we have gotten closer and it is very nice. Who knows what will happen? I am open. She is strong, smart and very different from me. German born MD, raised in Ghana, she lives on her farm.  2 horses, 10 sheep, a dozen chickens, 3 cats and a dog. Wow it is work! So different for me. So why am I still 20 pounds over and out of shape? More paradox.  You can see Dagmar and see my gallery here .

Mr. Paradox Box, Jerry Andrus (89) found out about his cancer in Feb. of 2007.  I started work on his website the year before. I got to visit with Jerry in Albany, Oregon 4 times, once with Dagmar, and finishing his website and being his friend was an honor. After 35 years of friendship it was bitter sweet for me to see him leave. With Jerry's help I got his site up. I am just updating his site now.  He lived a wonderful life and I invite you to look through his site. 

Harry Zugman (93) and Eileen Zugman (94) died about 3 weeks apart. They were the parents of my friend Kenne. They also had a full and rich life. In his life, Harry got 2 holes in one, the last one when he was blind. Eileen had a great mind and was loved by all. They had 2 great sons and they had many, many stories of life together. I tried to capture some of them. My favorite is their Mount Hood Love story. Again, I hope you can check out some of their stories. 

I just finished Kenne's update for his site with the adding of brain cancer information.  

I also re-did Ormond Mcgill's Site. 

I have continued working with end of life issues and started a proposal for a center that would deal with end of life issues, pain management, video recording life stories and with a marijuana dispensary. The idea being the dispensary would fund the other activities. I think this model is in the spirit of the law and could offer services to local people who would not be able to use them without the funding. I hope (even if I do not, personally do it), my idea can be a model for others in this work. Here is my first draft. 

I went to Burningman in 2007. It was harder than I thought, it would be. In my deepest thoughts about it, “I should have been paid more to go.” The nicest thing was the people, being with Wally and seeing old and new friends. The best part of Burnningman were the men and women.

This year went bye faster than years before. I found creative outlet in working on my websites and I wrote a movie proposal. 

I enjoyed it very much. It is a light/dark story about end of life workers, trying to help. I use drama, docudrama and documentary all mixed up. It would make use of Penn and Teller and their BULLSHIT Showtime series. Just click on this link to see it. The illustrations are great. Sorry to say, I do not think anything will happen with it. Penn and Teller are not interested and rewriting it, is not something I want to do without some major interest. It was a great experience and I enjoyed the process. I enjoyed working with my co-writers, Stephen and Alex and Celeste, the artist. 

This film idea is part of a series of stories I call wishful thinking stories. The idea is: take what is, and make it theatrical; then show how changing what is can make, what could be. They show how great what could be, could be. The idea is entertain, educate and empower all at the same time. 

Taking an idea and building it into a product, script or service is my great passion. I would like to enjoy more of that creative spark stuff. I did work on a few new tricks and while no great change in my downward moving money situation, I have experienced a more upward trend with my optimism. Life is really all about your point of view. 

My plans for this year is:

To continue......

Working on my new business of Mac consulting support using iChat and recording more stories.

I just joined the Apple Consultants Network and hopefully now will get consulting referrals through Apple. I will continue to be helpful to others while I work on building all my relationships with love and kindness and respect. 

Being helpful,  (it is another passion for me), so if I can help by consulting with you about your computer situation or any other situation give a call or send an email. 

The last month have been hard for me, as I had all my money invested in Apple. I will be removing my investment and taking a very big loss. I need my savings in the bank to pay my bills and keep me going until my new consulting business gets off the ground. 

2008 looks to be a year of great challenges and opportunities. I hope you all will fare well this year.  I shall try to remind myself daily, to see the opportunity in every challenge. 

All the best in 2008, 


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p.s. my last email..

DEC - 2007 -  from Barry Brilliant